Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've lost Sunday -- Do You Know Where It Is??

Wow... what a trip so far. Rhonda and I left Detroit around 7:45pm on Saturday evening. After landing for a brief but WARM stopover in LA, we were onto Seoul, Korea. The longest flight of my life. The flight was 13 hours. And somehow we have misplaced Sunday. I'm sure it's around here somewhere, but not here, because it's 7:29am on Monday!! Korean Air is wonderful - even in coach they have the best amenities. However, instead of being icy cold like most long distance flights, our flights have been super warm.

We're in the Icheon International Airport - waiting for out next flight, and man, what a transition! Some people speak English, but not so well. In order for us to get food (and kill 4+ hrs) we had to go out of customs/immigration, which we weren't expecting! But alas, we survived.

Next stop - Vladivostok! And hoping to meet a little guy in the next day or so. I am filled with excitement, nerves and the unknown. Keep you posted later!!


Anonymous said...

Sunday is in Croswell, Michigan, where Amy's 3 cats are residing with Me (Amy's Mom) and doing well. Murphy is just fine, as usual; Roo has settled down, and Gracie is exploring. The whole house is available to them today, without incident!

Amy called last night from Los Angeles, and it was good to hear from her. We do so many things together, it is weird not to have her here.

Susan Clarkson

Tiger & Kar said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm not sure how long the flight is to Vlad, but I hope it's without incident. Really looking forward to reading your next post!

Best of luck,

findingourdaughter said...

Oh my! I will be absolutely miserable on that 13 hour flight when it is our turn....UGH!
But I am so glad to read your update....I have thought about you for the past 2 days.....wondering if you were there yet...since the time change stuff is too complicated for me to figure out, LOL!
Can't wait to hear your arrival to Vlad!!
Hugs and Prayers,

Tamara said...

OOh .. thanks so much for the update and it's good to hear that the kittys are doing well with Mom. Can hardly wait to hear about the flights and your adventures in Vlad! Love, hugs and paka! Tamara

The Harrisons said...

Wow, you lost a whole day... hoping you meet someone pale, short and cute in the next day or so! :)

Pamela said...

You didn't miss much. I spent Sunday doing housework and yard work. I wish I could have misplaced Sunday.

Btw, the twins are girls...most likely identical.

Can't wait to hear all about your little guy.

Lindsay said...

Sunday was ok - I'm betting Tuesday and Wednesday in Vlad are the ones you'll want to remember :)