Friday, June 27, 2008

Pete & Repeat sit on a fence. Pete falls off -- who is left?


OK so a couple weeks ago it was birth certificate palozza, now it's dossier palozza! I reported earlier this week that I had mailed my Vladivostok documents off to my agency on Monday before leaving for a work trip to Chicago. Now typically when I drop something in the mail to her (she's just in Ann Arbor, 2 hours away), she gets it the VERY next day. A long mail time is two days.

Being the type A personality that I am, I emailed my agency Tuesday night from my hotel room just checking in to make sure that my documents had arrived. Response was -- not Tuesday, should be Wednesday. OK, no problem. USPS goes a bit slower on 80 degree days perhaps. So Wednesday mid-day I get another email... NOPE! No mail. OK, no big deal, it will be there Thursday. Again with the type A, as soon as I landed in Detroit on Thursday, I called and guess what. NO MAIL again on Thursday. By now I am hyperventilating. Not only is it my documents but there are also 3 checks inside... YIPES.

Silly me. I debated and debated on Monday before sending it off. Do I need to send it Overnight with the tracking #? Nah, I send things through USPS ALL the time for work and NEVER do I have a problem. So after hearing no mail on Thursday, I drove like a mad woman home, re-printed EVERYTHING, signed EVERYTHING and rushed off to Staples (back down to Pt Huron). After waiting for what seemed like forever (I have the patience of a nat, and they were slower than molasses), the man at Staples got my package finished JUST AS UPS was arriving to do the last pick up of the day. $25 later -- my package arrived safely this morning at my agency. Whew! Plenty of time to still get apostilled today.

So if you are following along with the Murphy's Law philosophy, guess what arrived via USPS this afternoon? Yup, my original package!! Of course! The overnight was just my "insurance". But at least I know the checks are safe. Hysterical. Gotta have some fun along this crazy ride!!


Charlotte in Pa said...

That has to be SO frustrating. I'm glad that you can have a good attitude about it. :-) It sounds like your journey is off to a great start! I sincerely hope that these problems with duplicates are the only issues you face along the way. Wait... maybe all of this means that you're going to end up with twins!

Nichole said...

Oh, my!!! You are so much like me. I would have done the same thing. I have learned to overnight almost everything and pay extra fees to expedite things! I hope that is your biggest bump along your adoptiong journey.