Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Big News Day @ Lighthouse

Big news at for Lighthouse Adoption families today -- two different families got the official call today that they are off to Moscow! And they are headed out this weekend! Good luck to all those traveling.

In other news, my dossier package has officially left my possession. Before leaving for Chicago this AM, I sent everything off to the agency yesterday afternoon. From here, it will join a couple other documents from my agency and then it's off to Vladivostok! (Technically the Primorskiy Kray region) My i600a form should potentially go out in the mail this week as well. As soon as I have my copy of the home study (which is complete!!) - that document will leave my possession as well.

After that - it's all in someone else's hands and I enter the list of the "waiting"!!

Thanks for all your thoughts -- it helps make this anxious time better!


Sherri & Tim said...

Hi! Cannot wait to follow your journey as you break new ground for Lighthouse! Good luck!

Fellow Lighthouse family

Tamara said...

And soon you will be breaking news for Lighthouse as well! Your day is coming and I can hardly wait to celebrate your journey. Exciting times, Tamara

Suzy said...

Yay! Such exciting news. I can't believe how fast it's moving (so far.......)!

Jenny said...

Hi Amy,
CONGRATS!!! PLEASE let us know what happens :)

Jenny, Ron, Ryan & Luke :)