Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birth Certificate Palozza

Anyone one want to buy a genuine, duplicate, Amy Repp birth certificate? I now have an overrun of certified, official birth certificates!!

When I first got started with this process, in all the reading I had done, I knew you needed 3 certified copies (officially stamped) copies of your birth certificate (and FYI - also your wedding and or divorce certificates if applicable) for the process. Being the proactive doobie (how's that for a Romper Room term!) that I am, I was pro-active and starting looking at my options. I knew I'd be in Mt. Pleasant for the big 20th class reunion on 6/20, so I had that as a back-up plan. Online people suggested using So I checked them out as a quicker option. $47 a piece. Yipes. Lorien from my agency suggested that I go to a State of Michigan website and you can order additional certificates there. Great site - very easy and I was off with my $26 original order (much better) and 2 additionals @ $12 each. A grand total of $50 for 3 instead of $150 was a winner to me!

So this week as I am nearing the completion of my home study, guess what I am still waiting for? You got it... the birth certificates. After joining the ranks of the 21st century and going to online banking, I KNEW the state had cashed my check two weeks ago - so I knew I was in progress. But no certificates.

Wednesday of this week (wow, that was just yesterday). I was scheduled for a meeting at work in Stanwood, Michigan. My trusty-rusty Garmin route took me straight through Mt. Pleasant! So I figured, what the heck and on the way home I stopped by the Isabella County Courthouse and within 5 minutes walked out with 3 certified copies of my birth certificate for the winning price of $16. What a bargain! $10 for the original and $3 each additional copy. Feeling so proud of myself, I sent the copy off to Lighthouse, knowing all MY end of the paperwork was done and they didn't have to wait on me.

Murphy's Law - guess what arrived in the mail today :). You got it -- 3 more copies of my birth certificate! So, I am now swimming in birth certificates and still have spent LESS than I would have at I'll never be able to say -- "I don't know if I have a copy of my birth certificate..." I am debating selling two on eBay... you never know they could be worth something some day!

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