Friday, October 21, 2011

Worst Became Best

I will never forget October 21, 2008.  In some ways, I can’t believe it was ONLY 3 years ago as it seems like so much longer than that; and in other ways, I remember it as if it were just yesterday. 

My traveling BFF, Rhonda and I (she’s off soon on another adventure to Cambodia – but I digress, typical me!) landed in Vladivostok, Russia the night before, October 20th.  I was traveling to meet my son!   We were greeted at the airport by a translator, Kate and a driver – who spoke no English – Sergei, to meet my long awaited Russian referral – we’ll call him “Baby V”.   I had waited for this moment for months, buying boy clothes, decorating his bedroom – and for the past 3 weeks staring at his picture, imagining HIM in my life. 

In the car on the way to the hotel, Kate translates Sergei’s half of our conversation.  And then I hear those horrible words, “The boy is not good”.  I don’t know if I ever shared here on the blog exactly what was said to me in the car that day – but there it is.  The boy is not good.  

I freaked.   I remember wanting to get out of the car to vomit.  Panic set in.  Wait.  What did you say?  I just traveled for what feel like a week, spent how much money on airfares and burned a very valuable week of vacation time and THE BOY IS NOT GOOD? 

Between jet lag and “the boy is not good” I was a stress MONSTER that night.  I took a Tylenol PM to help me sleep and fell asleep with Rhonda still awake in her bed skyping with her family back at home.  A little while later – in my jet lag, stress induced, Tylenol PM haze, I heard what I can only describe as someone breaking into the room.  I remember yelling at Rhonda “WHAT IS THAT?”.  Ummm that would be her going into the bathroom, and it’s creaky door.  Stress and lack of sleep are NOT a great combination.  She still reminds me of that evening often – HA!  

You can read the details of the morning of October 21st here.  As you obviously know by now, HE became a SHE that day.  My fears of the evening before were confirmed, however in the end – I met THIS face.

 IMG_6807_edited-1 Taken 10/21 – Vladivostok, Russia – One of the 3 pictures I sent home to “Gramma Darlin” who was freaking out for me at home!

And the rest, they say, is history.  Or in this case HERstory!   The worst day of my became the best of my life.   I cannot imagine life without Tatiana.  She makes me laugh everyday.  That shy little girl I met 3 year ago today in Russia is now a gregarious, loving, sweet girl who keeps me in stitches and teaches me as much about life as I do her.  Rough day, but in the end, I wouldn’t change a thank.   Happy Metcha Day, Tatiana! 

IMG_8931 Before school 10/21/11

And tonight, we say a prayer for “Baby V” – who is still listed on the database today.   Bless you, “Baby V”. 


Tracey and Chuck said...

Happy "Metcha" Day T! She is so beautiful!!!

Clarese said...

Things turned out as they should for you and Tatiana. Happy "metcha" day to both of you!

Barb said...

Amy, your story of Tatiana is really such a beautiful one because it shows so many people that there is hope when they get devastating news. I totally remember your blog posts from your first trip to Vladivostok:) Happy Metcha Day!

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Metcha Day - There is no doubt God brought you two together!!