Thursday, October 27, 2011

High Five!

My beautiful girl is 5!

I have been writing this post in my head for a few weeks now.  Part of me really wanted to write a letter to the woman who gave birth to Tatiana and give her an update.  As marvelous as that sounds, from what I know about her birth mother, I highly doubt she's internet surfing.

I have debated the birth mother search for a couple years now.  My final vote is still out on that one.  Maybe some day.  When I think about what I DO know about Tatiana's first month or so, it makes me furious.  I won't share all the details here, because I do believe it's a personal thing - but suffice it to say, my protective mama bear claws come out thinking about her life in October and November of 2006.  The first months were rough for her and it breaks my heart to think of how rough things were.  I think as parents our constant thoughts go to how we can love our children MORE and protect them and keep them safe.  To know that I couldn't do that for her then makes me sad.

If her mother WAS searching the internet and if I COULD talk to her to update her without wanting to punch her in the face, I would say THANK YOU.  Thank you for creating the most wonderfully sweet, smart, sensitive, snuggly, sassy, silly 5 year old I have ever met.
Taken each year on her birthday...

Because her birthday week is also the anniversary of our "meeting", I can't help but think of how she's changed over these past few years.  Physically you can't help but see her growing and thriving.  Mentally and emotionally, she's a different girl.  The girl who barely knew any words - Russian included, when I met her now talks NON-STOP!  The girl who only smiled occasionally has been replaced by a girl who lights up any room she's in with her beaming smiles.  While it's easy for me to be caught under her spell, I had to laugh last Friday during her first Kindergarten parent-teacher conference when her teacher told me, "I just adore her".  Yup.  She's really hard NOT to adore.  Then she told me the news that floored me.  Her teacher said, "developmentally she's the age of someone who is just turning 5".  WHAT?  My little learning sponge is basically caught up to her same age peers.

During Alex's adoption earlier this year, on one of the many days that my friend Sara and I roamed the streets of St. Petersburg, we talked about Russia.  I can't help but think of what either of their lives would have been like had adoption not entered their life stories.  Who knows where live would lead them and where they'd be.  I do know that MY life if better with both of them in it!

Putting all this nostalgia behind us, we had a FABULOUS birthday weekend.  Tatiana loves all things princess -- and Tangled (aka Rapunzel) is one of her favorites.  We had a combination Tangled/Bowling party.  Odd combination, yes, but when you live in a small town, your options are narrow!  The princess and her friends had a BLAST.  There were NO meltdowns (ok, Alex had 1 or 2... but the girls didn't!), no fighting over whose turn it was to bowl and no fits about being tired.  Tati and her friends cheered each other on and generally had a great time.  3 thumbs up!  Happy birthday girl makes for a happy mama!
The "Tangled Cake" - Celebration Day 1!

Making a wish - Celebration Day 2!

She's 5!

Happy 5th Birthday my gorgeous girl!


Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to Tatianan. Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating together. She has just blossomed, and the change to confident, happy girl in the photos is beautiful to see.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, dear Tatiana!

Sally...4 boys + 1 princess.. said...

You really can see the difference in her, it is amazing what love and family can do for a child. She is beautiful and it looks like a great birthday.

Clarese said...

It is unbelievable how much she has grown over these past couple of years! Happy birthday, Tati!!

findingourdaughter said...

She is so beautiful, I could just eat her up! Becoming such a grown up already :).
Happy Birthday Tati! With lots of love from Florida!!

Becky and Keith said...

She is growing up SO quickly and into such a beauty!! Love the Tangled/Bowling theme - perfect for a girl who knows how to have a good time! :-)

Lisa said...

Hope Tatiana had a great birthday, it sounds like a lot of fun. I love Tangled too, I always try to get Sacha to pick that movie but he usually goes for Snow White (he loves the Huntsman?!?)

If you do decide to do a birth parent search, let me know because I have heard that if you get together with a couple people it can save a bit of money. Sacha was actually born in Artyem as well.

Yvonne said...

Love her birthday outfit!!! Happy Birthday Tati!!! We love you!!

Yvonne, Connor and Elina

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