Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween!

The fun thing about this time of the year is that you’re never TOO far away from a holiday or celebration in our family.  We start with Labor Day at the beginning of September.  From there, it’s a short slide to my birthday on 9/29.  (September is actually a mess of birthday’s in our family – but most of them old fogeys like me.)   Then it’s just less than 1 month until T’s birthday on 10/24, followed VERY quickly by Halloween!  (Do you need me to remind you of that specific date?  I didn’t think so!) 

November is jammed packed with Riley’s birthday (T’s cousin, 1 year and 1.5 weeks older!), CoCo’s birthday (another cousin – queen of the herd @ almost 17), Katy’s birthday (another cousin, same age as Riley) and of course Thanksgiving Day! 

From there, like most people our December is loaded up.  We make a run to Florida to see Grampa/Gramma, fill up on our share of holiday parties (and this year school events!) and then it’s onto Christmas/New Years.  Whew!  I am already tired just thinking about it. 

So let’s start the last of the October holidays.  Tati and I carved pumpkins this week, with a little help from baby Macy.  Friday was Tatiana’s preschool Halloween party.  In true Tatiana fashion, she has two costumes this year – she was Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street) at school and will be yet a different costume this weekend.  But… that’s a surprise!  (thankfully, I bought BOTH costumes last year on clearance!  My favorite thing… clearance shopping!)

Ok – enough chatter, let’s get on with the picture parade!

 IMG 252 IMG 256 IMG 262 IMG 269 IMG 299IMG 308 IMG 313


Sara said...

That's the cutest Abby Cadabby I've ever seen!!

Kellie said...

LOVE the pictures! She makes a super adorable Abby! My favorite picture is of Tati scooping the pumpkin with sweet little kitty looking on. So precious.

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

That kitty looks fake!!!

Barb said...

That is the cutest picture of a cat helping with a pumpkin!!

T is adorable, as always!