Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Catch Up

Where did September go?  I swear just yesterday was Labor Day weekend and now it’s not only October, but it’s already October 9th!  WHOA!  Slow down world! 

I am not sure if time seems to be moving faster because we are now fully engrossed in school and schedules or if it can be attributed to the shorter days.  The sun is now setting around 7:15 – boo!  This is rough on us Michiganders as we are used to 10pm sunsets in the summer! 

In our typical fashion, we’ve had another busy few weeks.  Some of the highlights include a monumental birthday for mama – the BIG 4-0; a trip to Tennessee to see Grampa and Gramma and a night out on the town to see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE.  I’ll highly recommend YGG Live, and the beauty of Tennessee; however, you know how you hear people saying their body starting falling apart after 40?  I am stating to think it’s true! 

Tatiana is LOVING school.  She continues to amaze me in how quickly she learns and picks things up.  I love watching each time she seems to hit a new milestone.  It seems like Gramma Darlin (my mom) and I are remarking about once a month that she’s reached a new level in conversation or abilities.  It’s very cool to watch! 

She did awesome on the drive to Tennessee!  On the way down we stopped in Columbus, OH to see my friend Kim, her husband Tim, and their daughter Katie.  It was great to see them all again, for them to meet Tatiana and to break up the trip.  We drove ALL the way back on Sunday (11 hours!) and Tati didn’t complain once!  She was a total trooper! 

Grampa and Gramma gave Tati a Tennessee cheerleader costume while we were in town.  The timing was perfect, as we had recently gone to a home football game in town.  Tatiana’s cousin Courtney is a varsity cheerleader, and Court’s sister Ashley was also cheering that night, as she cheers for the area football league for kids (think little league for football).  Tati was psyched to see her two cousin’s cheering and now has a new passion.  On a side note, she was very concerned that Ashley was “going to get dirty” when she saw Ashley doing the splits.  That’s my girl! 

Picture to follow… hope you are enjoying your fall!  Next up: Tatiana’s 4th birthday and a family gathering! 



Clarese said...

Always great to see a Tati update! She looks precious in her cheerleading uniform :)

luvin' life said...

cutest little cheerleader ever!
-and I love your new little kitten!

Tracey and Chuck said...

T is the cutest little cheerleader!!! She is getting so big! Glad to see the update!

Troy and Rachel said...

I think I started to fall apart at 30 so you're way ahead of me - LOL!! Sounds like a great month that flew by!!

Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Amy! I hear you on the falling apart thing, but isn't it remarkable how a 3 y.o. can just pick you up and put you back together?

Love the cheerleader costume...and is that Tati sporting a Hello Kitty bandaide on her right knee? We own stock in bandaides - the cure-all for the biggest and smallest of owies. :)