Friday, October 30, 2009

Big Bad 3 Year Old

Hello Everybody! It's me again -- Tatiana! Mama says since I am 3 now, I have to start earning my keep - and that means I get to help out with the blog.

Me and my new "slower" - from Grampa & Gramma

I have had a super busy week. After my birthday party, my Aunt Carrie and cousin Mary spent the night. It was really fun and Mary and I got to hang out, dance, watch my favorite TV shows and play. Mama was really proud of me and smiled a lot because she said it was one of the first times that I didn't just watch everyone and I actually got in the mix and played. Mary and I really enjoyed each other and mama kept say how nice it was to see me so happy and laughing all the time. Not that I am grump other times -- but, you know mamas.

Hangin with Mary

Mama also keeps telling me that Halloween is this weekend. I am not sure yet what all that entails, but I do like pointing out all the pumpkins I see when we are in the car. I have this cool thing she keeps calling a costume, but I think it's just a pretty dress. She's made me try it on a couple times and gramma did something to "fix my hat". That crazy mama keeps making me say "trick or treat" now and then for practice. Reminds me of when we practiced blowing out candles for my birthday.

Speaking of pumpkins, we cut up two of our pumpkins this week. Mama thought I'd help a little more, but I really thought the insides were kinda gross. Plus Uncle Mark showed up with a birthday present - and well, birthday present vs. pumpkin guts? No contest.

Helping mama with pumpkins, "New-New" (Casey), the kitty helped too
Finally, I want to say hi to 3 of my favorite people: An-sheen, Anna M., and Krista - each who had a rough week this week in their own way. Big hugs from me and my mama to each of you. Please know we are thinking about you all. More pictures tomorrow after I wear that crazy costume thing. Hey! Can you believe I have been home for 7 months now??


Jeanette said...

You have learned and done so much in the 7 short months you have been home!!! You have found the perfect Mama!

findingourdaughter said...

I could just climb through the computer and gobble her up! So proud of how far she has come and look forward to seeing her achieve anything she wants! I know she makes her Momma very happy.....and that is priceless!
Miss y'all, sending big hugs and lots of love across the miles.....Ansheen

Troy and Rachel said...

Good Job keeping the blog up for your Mama T! It looks like you are having agreat fall so far and that you and Mary had so much together. Keep us posted!

Roger and Joanne said...

No T, I can't believe you have been home for 7 months. Nice hearing from you. Can't wait to see the pics from the "costume" thingy your mom was talking about.

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Very sweet... she is so adorable!