Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New Venture...

I am working on (or at least planning on working on) a recap of October events. October flew by and there were so many fun events in Miss T's life!

However... in the meantime, I started brainstorming on my ride across my great state tonight. I know - a scary premise! In the past few months, I have enjoyed reading other mom's blogs. I have learned A LOT. I also like talking with other mom's and getting different perspectives. So I am considering starting another blog - for busy mom's. Like you, like me.

First topic. What Christmas presents are you planning on for your little ones this year? (If that's the sort of thing you celebrate) Or -- what was one of your favorite presents you gave in the past? Leave a note here, drop me an email or however you prefer. If you have specific brand/item names and gender/age appropriateness, I'd appreciate it, because I'd like to have a list of ideas for those moms (and dads!) looking for great suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!!


Barb said...

I haven't decided anything yet . . . but I have been purchasing little things here and there (for example, clothes and I found an adorable little hammer with a floral pattern - I know, not your typical little girl gift, but Sofia likes "working" with her Dad). The other day, Joel and Sofia were working on their wish lists by cutting out pics from toy magazines and pasting them an another paper. I had to leave for work in the midst . . . when I came home, Sofia's list was 9 pages long!!

Jeanette said...

Great idea! Last year I made my 6 and 8 year olds fleece blankets. I bought 2 large pieces of different fleece, cut strips in the ends and tied together. It makes a really warm blanket and my kids LOVED them. You can find all the directions online I'm sure.

Roger and Joanne said...

I wish I had the initiate and creativity to think of stuff like this, but fortunately for people like me, there's people like you.
I'm thinking of a small kitchen for them and if not that, then the dishes and food/pots and pans. They love doing that at places we go that have the kitchens/food. Reese (3 1/2), Niko (2 1/2). I'm also thinking a cash register.

Troy and Rachel said...

I love the idea of a busy mom's blog!! Who knew blogging about the adoption would turn us into crazy bloggers - I love having two!

Last year we gave Daniel his train table - perfect because it grows with them and we use it for way more than trains. We do puzzles, build legos, put other toys on it, etc. So versatile and I am hoping it lasts forever! We haven't decided on anything this year.

Lisa said...

Because Sacha's birthday is just 4 days before Christmas we are going to keep both small on gifts, we have a terrible habit of just buying stuff whenever instead of saving them.

We got him a digger machine toy (dig dig) and two books for his birthday. For Christmas we have already gotten him an ornament and we plan to get him one ornament per year, because that is what my mum did for me.