Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Easter Fun

My "other" baby girl... Gracie, posing for her Easter picture Playing with the "Busy Ball Popper" with baby cousin, Logan T LOVES the "Busy Ball Popper" - thanks Anderson Family!
My first Easter basket!
T's first Easter weekend was overall a big success. She wasn't feeling 100% on Sunday - she woke up with a really runny nose and was sneezing quite a bit. Her first spring "cold". We laid low on Sunday, opting out of church: between the crowd and not feeling well, it wasn't a good idea.
She found her basket waiting for her outside her bedroom door. The Easter bunny had left her a wind up bunny (big hit), some little toys including a Disney Princess key chain complete with car noises and Elmo hair doddle's. The bunny must have known that she hasn't had much candy yet, because he left her mostly Goldfish crackers, Animal crackers and fruit snacks but she did get a hollow chocolate bunny.
We finally broke out the "Busy Ball Popper" that Sarah Anderson had given T as a shower present. A BIG hit. Although mom spends more time chasing the balls than T does! Hopefully when the batteries start to get use more the balls won't pop so high! She LOVES it and it was a big hit when baby cousin Logan stopped by for a visit!
She's been a little cranky when dropped over for daycare the last couple days. It's a good sign that she's attaching to mom because she doesn't want me to leave. The good news is that the tears are short lived and she's off to play within about 5 minutes. We just need to work on her cousins giving her a little space! According to Bernie at daycare they're in her face and want to love her all the time. So sweet!! But a girl needs her space to roam!
Lots of T's fans have been asking about her English vocabulary - which is growing by LEAPS and bounds. She now knows the following (and what they mean/are): bye bye, nite nite, cup, bowl, cat, dog, duck, shoes, mama, nose, eyes, ears , bear, and baby. Not bad for basically two weeks! She LOVES the kitties and believe it or not, they are pretty ok with her too. Roo (or bubba as she calls him, since I'll call him Bubba Rooey sometimes) let's her approach him, pet him and yes, kiss him as you've seen. It's all good unless she's running toward him. Gracie is a little more tentative but she's fascinated by her. Gracie waits outside her door if we are in there and last night even got locked in a nite nite time because I didn't know she had followed me in! I discovered her about an hour and a half later. T took a while to go to bed last night - and now I probably know why -- she was watching Gracie!!
Enjoy your week!


jeanette wunderly said...

Looks like a cool toy! I've never seen that before. T seems to be adjusting so well. Good job, Mom!

Nichole said...

Sounds like you guys are doing so well. I have heard that is a great toy to have...might have to check for one at some garage sales.

Troy and Rachel said...

Glad T is getting adjusted to daycare. It sounds like you all are doing great. Funny, but the Easter bunny didn't leave Daniel a lot of chocolate either. Hmmm....

Loved the Easter dress! T looked adorable!