Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still On the Clock

Today is officially day 7 of my 12 day wait. 12 days because St. Petersburg apparently doesn't count Sundays. The schedule actually works well, because I'll get to spend Easter with Gramma Darlin and Miss Tatiana. While I'd love to get to spend Easter with Soup too, he probably doesn't KNOW it's Easter -- and Tatiana does.

We've kept busy this week - which is great to help the passing time! There was a pool association meeting last Sunday, Kindergarten/Young 5's Round Up for next year on Monday AND my annual female appointment. Such fun in 1 week! It shouldn't be allowed...

Last night T and I decorated eggs with Gramma Darlin. We had regular dye, swirl dye and dab dye. I don't know if it was because she was 1 year older, or if she remembered dying eggs from last year but this year was a BLAST with the resident artist, madam T.

I wrapped up things at work today before my break -- and this weekend I can wrap things up around the house. (Can you say LAUNDRY?) I am back to my jet setting life style on Monday. Looking forward to my LAST trip in this journey!


Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like your almost ready! Love the pics of Madame T with the egg dye!!

optimistikchick said...


Have a great trip. I leave on Saturday. Can't wait to meet up with you sometime next week. I head back on Thursday. Happy Easter.


Heather and Chad said...

Almost there!!!!!

findingourdaughter said...

Miss Tati looks SO GROWN UP!!
I can't wait for this last leg of the baby boy/little brother journey! I'm so anxious for you to get him home.
Thinking of you and praying!
Happy Easter! Love and hugs!!

Roger and Joanne said...

Amy, I think you'll remember me, With your help Roger and i adopted Reese & Niko. We are all doing fine. I know we abandoned our blog but recently have been thinking about it. Maybe making one final entry to tie it up for their reading pleasure in years to come. But i immediately went to check on your blog to see if you were still on there, and low and behold, you're getting T a brother! How great is that! I know this is a busy, stressful time so when you can feel free to write me back.
All the best!!