Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parting Is Just Sorrow -- It's Not So Sweet

Since I have updated everyone after court, I got to go back to Baby Home #6 and visit with Soup one last time before I take off for home again tomorrow morning. It's bittersweet. I can't wait to get home and hug my fabulous girl, who is now a big sister; but yet I hate leaving him behind!

Unfortunately, we did NOT get to play in the medium sized play room off in the maze of rooms his groupa has. I wish we did - but alas, it was back to the nasty old closet sized room with nothing to do. We played silliness and entertained ourselves but, I am not sorry to say goodbye to visits in that room!

I did get a chance to get some pictures of each of the rooms in his groupa -- or at least many of them. Including the room where they sleep. And, I got to pick his caretakers brain on what he likes, doesn't like, etc. They tell me he's got a sweet tooth! Maybe that's where his chubby tummy comes from. Perfect baby tummy!

Before we left for the closet room, it was snack time, so he got to have a snack while hanging with the mama. Like yesterday, he started closing his eyes in a very purposeful manner. I asked my translator to ask the caretaker what this was supposed to mean. The caretaker laughed and said, "oh, he is showing off for his mama". According to her, ever since my first visit back in February, he has been little Mr. Bossy Pants. Mr. Special because I have a mama. This CRACKS ME UP. They told me the SAME thing in Vladivostok during Tatiana's adoption. There it was phrased as "maybe you don't come everyday, when child figures out they are important to someone, they become bossy at baby home". I find it hysterical that even at 18 months, this is the case as well! Doesn't matter, Soup has his mama wrapped around his little finger!

Off to bed, long day of flying ahead of me tomorrow. Paka!


Barb said...

Yay for you, Amy! Have an uneventful trip home and hope the 10 days speed by for you! (btw, we did not have the same judge)

Jeanette said...

So glad things are going well for you! Can't wait for pictures.

Grace has been doing the squeezing her eyes shut thing too. She started it around 20 months and still does it. In her case, it looks like she is avoiding looking at someone. She also does it when something comes on TV that makes her uncomfortable. We joke that she thinks she becomes invisible when she does it :)

Carolynn and Steve said...

Oh, AMY--I am SO very glad that all went well with court and that you will soon be headed back to Soupy. I know that this is the hardest time of all--knowing that he's yours, but having to go back home. Hang in there, and know that you're in my heart for the next couple of weeks. I am SO excited for all of you!


Hey Mama!!! So happy hear all went well and Baby Soup is now yours!!! (Delaney was "Chutney" until I could give info out!)

BIG HUGS!!! Can't wait to hear he is your arms and see his face!

Take care!! xxoo

susan w said...

Congratulations! I brought home a (now 16 month old) baby boy from Baby Home #6 four weeks ago. Maybe our guys were playmates :)

ALPAL said...

After googling, "Baby home No. 6 St. Petersburg Russia" I got a link to your blog. We brought home our Alex from No. 6 five years ago. I could not help but notice that you took pictures of all the rooms in their groupa. We have some as well, but not of the room where they sleep. I would love a description, i.e., how many beds, the arrangement of them. And if you are willing to share any photos, that would be wonderful! Thank you so much! jennlangdale at