Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess Who...

Guess who's back. Back again. Tati's back. Back again.
(Hey, I live in Michigan. It's the law to embrace our singers. Even Eminem. )
So, I've been super busy lately doing this "growing up thing". Mom says she can't believe how much I am talking and doing these days. Here's a snippet of what I have been up to:
Modeling the clothes my Gramma & Grampa send me
Coloring: This my newest passion. I think I want to be the next VanGogh.
Minus the whole ear removal thing. Mom thinks that's not necessary.

Laughing. A lot. I am silly. Really silly. I mean REALLY silly!

Loving my BFF "dawg" (check out my Beatles shirt, even though dawg is blocking most of it!)
Reading. Reading and more reading.

So a last week after what mom kept saying was "Labor Day" all the big kids at daycare went back to school. Mom kept saying that the summer was over. That stinks! I still point the pool out to mom everyday and want to go "swimmin".
I have noticed that it's getting cooler here in Michigan. I can wear shorts some days, but it seems like I am wearing more pants and long-sleeve t-shirts now. One bonus, when it's time for me to sleep, it's not really light out anymore. Mom thinks that will help me go to sleep quicker, but I still like to lay in my bed and tell dawg about my day and sing silly songs for a while.
I'm super into music, coloring, and books these days. Oh, and Elmo. He's the bomb. I just love that red guy. I am secretly hoping mama buys me some Elmo big girl panties for my upcoming birthday. Why would I want those you ask? Because... I forgot to tell you... I have been practicing going pee-pee on this thing everyone calls the potty! Most days I am really good about it and my pull-ups stay dry even through nap time. I even went poo poo on the potty once, but it was kinda an accident. I really don't like that yet. So maybe big girl Elmo panties would be super sweet.
Now you know what I've been up to. What have YOU been up to?


Kristine said...

Tati...just want to tell you good luck on the potty. That's always a big girl kind of thing! and you sound like you are on the right track. have the most beautiful hair! REALLY pretty.

And you are coloring so nicely in that picture.

You have a very good Mommy and I know you must love her a whole bunch!

I love your posts...keep them coming!

Nancy said...

Yes, I love the hair!

Way to go on that potty!

Barb said...

T, you are SO precious!! Love that your hair is growing out and looking so beautiful. Keep laughing and smiling, girl!

Clarese said...

Aw! I love reading Tati updates :). She really has grown and changed so much!

findingourdaughter said...

You are so precious, I could just gobble you right up!
I miss you so much!

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

Look at how much you have grown Tati! You are gorgeous!!!

Roger and Joanne said...


And, I love the Beatles t-shirt. You look so tan in your photo. Reese and Niko have been outside a lot, but I guess they won't tan the way you do.

Continued success on the potty thing. Reese almost has it down and gets to wear the big girl pants, too. Niko....come on. He's a boy. Maybe in another 3 or 6 months....

Hope said...

They get big fast huh? Not only is she pretty, but she's smaart too;)

Gloria said...

Tati - thanks for the update! Great job using the potty! By the way... love your hair too! It is beautiful, just like you!