Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

I am counting down until Friday, already! Sheesh -- you know you are tired when it's Tuesday and you are already wondering if it's Friday yet! Add on to the fact that I get to see two of my FAVORITE people this weekend, Angie and Tamara, so I am even MORE excited for Friday for that reason!! It's been a long couple weeks, and I am too tired to think of some cute and witty things to share, so instead I thought I'd fill you in on some of the major happenings lately:

1) Double Murder: My tiny little town had a double murder a couple weeks ago. EAGADS! As you imagine our little town was quite a buzz by this. I would NEVER admit (sounds like a Not-Me-Monday post!!) to sneaking out to the area that this happened at and snapping some pictures of the crime scene action. Didn't do it. Not me. Must have been someone else. To ease your nerves a bit, unfortunately this was another kooky adult son attacks parents and aunt/uncle situation. Very sad, however.

2) World Series: In happier town happenings, the Cros-Lex Little League Girls team won the state title! During the aforementioned double murder, we happened to be hosting the state tournament, and the girls won on home turf. No funny business though, seriously -- as they went on to the Regional tournament in Missouri and WON THAT TOO! So this morning the girls left for Portland, OR for the WORLD SERIES! How cool is that? 3) Eye Doctor: T went to see the eye doctor -- who was probably one of the coolest doctors I have met! When she's tired you can pick up a slight lazy eye in her right eye. She got her eyes dilated for the check up and no there were major issues. The doc wants to check it again in 6 months to see if it self corrects. (I may need your patch advice, friends (Becky!!), if it doesn't!!)

4) Straws: My little smarty learned how to use a straw! Yea! I am envisioning the next Juicy Juice commercial here... I'll have to pass it on at work!

5) Mouse in the House: I returned home after the weekend excursion to my aunt's to discover a little mouse friend had been in my pantry. Wait. Don't I have 3 cats to take care of this for me? I caught what appeared to have been mama last Tuesday AM... and then my new best mouser, Casey (also know as Patient X for all her recent troubles!!) brought me 4 presents over the remainder of the week. And yes, sigh, one of those presents was IN BED. Thanks Casey!
6) Cousins, Cousins and more Cousins: This weekend was our big town festival (an even more cool celebration with some World Series bound girls!). T's cousin Mary came up for a visit and we went out to see MORE cousins - Emma, Katy and Zac. Zac was already zonked out -- so the girls had a pink party. And yes, the ONE picture of them all that's semi-decent... they're making faces!!
Bring on the weekend!!


Jeanette said...

Have fun this weekend! Wish we could come and meet everyone. Maybe next year with a toddler in tow :)

findingourdaughter said...

After 10 weeks of school being out....I CANNOT wait for this weekend!! Momma needs a break and to see my favorite adoption friends and love on their kids as I wait for my turn to go to Russia. Is it Friday yet? Definitely bring on the weekend!!
BTW, T's hair looks so gorgeous in that up close Juicy Juice picture!
Hugs, Love and See y'all soon!!

Clarese said...

I just did an ants in my pants dance, thinking about a mousey present in bed. Yikes!!

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

T loves pets so much she may try to keep one of the furry guys as a pet!!!

Kristine said...

Can't wait for Friday either...but unfortunately the weekends are busy right now too.

Little Tati is just adorable...great pictures. We did the eye patch thing too...for a looooooooooong time and finally ended with the surgery. (skippy)

Have a wonderful weekend...its almost here!


Kristine said...

oh and I HATE mice...so I feel for you.

Roger and Joanne said...

I love the last photo. T looks so devilishly cute!

Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

T could totally be a poster child for juicy juice!

Lindsay said...

No wonder you need the weekend to come - sounds like you have been busy! Hannah had what sounds like the exact same eye problem (both eyes) as Tati, and it was way more noticeable when she was tired or having a growth spurt. Hers seems to have totally self corrected as she has grown - part of me things she just had weak eye muscles from living in a very visually unstimulating environment! Hope you see T show the same improvement too.