Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't You Wish Your Backpack Was Hot Like Mine?

Want this super cool backpack or something like it?? I stumbled upon this great company called Initials, Inc. that makes great bags (and other cool things) that are totally personal and PERSONALIZED. With a daughter named Tatiana, my chances of finding custom items in a store are slim and none. I ordered a couple items and LOVE them.

My good friend Tamara also got bit by the Initials, Inc. bug. Only she got bit harder! She's decided to become a consultant for them. With that she had a FABULOUS idea to have a "sale" in July & August with all of the profits (typically 20% of the items price) going directly to orphanages in Russia. Here are the details:

We’re excited to announce the first of two months of fundraising to benefit those children that remain in Russian baby homes awaiting their forever families. All money raised will go directly to Russian orphanages to support projects that make the lives of the children that live there better.

For every item purchased, all of the profit will go towards this effort. Each item is created, designed and personalized by you! You pick the fabric, trim (where applicable) and the personalization (font and color).

Please check out our catalog of FABULOUS items at: www.initials-inc.com/Tamara

To purchase any item, please contact Tamara @ psitsinthebag@yahoo.com. The July order will be submitted on July 25. The August order will be submitted on August 25.

Great items, GREAT cause - COOL STUFF!!


Gloria said...

Love the backpack! Can't wait to look at all the neat stuff! Our son Keegan never got any personalized stuff unless we could order it also. So I look forward to looking at all the things they offer and who can't love the cause!

Thanks for sharing the information!

Kristine said...

Really cute! Going to have to check that site out. Like your title too..made me laugh.

www.russiansweetbaby.blogspot.com said...

Amy, do you mind if I cut and paste the italicized (spell?) part of your post and put it on my next blog post? I was just thinking that I need to post this fundraiser on there. I will take one of the pictures from the catalog and post it as well. I LOVE personalized stuff and can't wait to order some stuff for the kids! :)


Carolynn and Steve said...

I love love love the backpack...I'm crazy busy right now, but very SOON I'm going to check out the site for more cute stuff...

Clarese said...

There are so many cute things on that site. I've bookmarked it so that I can go back when I'm ready to start buying things :)