Monday, March 26, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

Last Tuesday we celebrated Tatiana's 3rd "Gotcha" Day.  Sometimes it seems like yesterday I was back in cold, snowy Vladivostok waiting out the mandatory 10 day wait.  I was bored, excited and anxious all in one.  Bored from staring at the walls of a hotel with little to do, excited about our upcoming life together and anxious about the transition.  Finally, on Friday, March 20th, 2009, we were finally together, permanently.  

Here's a shot of Tatiana on that big day and every March 20th since!
"Gotcha" Days:  2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

Three years later, this girl is the light of my life.  She is beyond smart and has a memory that sometimes scares me.  The plan this year for school was Young 5's but due to budget cuts that plan was scuttled.  Kindergarten was Plan B and it's been going well.  I have decided that it would best for her to repeat next year - to gain some additional age and maturity.  Academically, she's probably ready for first grade, but she struggles following directions and focusing.  Since this was the original plan anyway... it's now in motion!

In other areas of T's life, she adores her brother and her cousins.  She LOVES playing with other kids, which is part of the reason I knew she not only needed to be a sister, but she'd be great at it.  She's mastered the bike, WITH training wheels  (mom might not be ready for the next step) and is reading very well to boot.  She still loves music, singing and dancing - and would rather wear tights and "clack shoes" (think loud shoes that clack when you walk...) then jeans.  She's all girl - within 5 minutes of being home she'll disappear into her room and return 5 minutes later head to toe in princess.  She cracks me up!

Since "Gotcha" day is close to St Patrick's day -- here's my little leprechauns, celebrating:
Luck of the Russian-Irish to ya!

Since my green eggs and ham were not met with smiles, this year we tried green applesauce.  SCORE!
Finally, a quick Alex update since he's been sorely neglected in a majority of this post.  We had our FIRST haircut with no tears!  I couldn't believe we didn't even get a pout.  His language is coming on little bits each and every day as well.  He seems to be a perfectionist when it comes to language - almost as if he doesn't like to say things until he's sure he can say them properly.  It's amazing how much he knows, even if he doesn't SAY it.  

That's it for now... I am sure there are 100 things I am forgetting, but as usual, they've left my brain!


Jill said...

I can't believe how big she's grown! She is gorgeous! :D

findingourdaughter said...

Oh my gosh, they are adorable! Can't wait to see y'all! Love that she's a girly girl!! I'll probably get a tomboy :).

Bill and Michelle Curran said...

Wow, there is NO way she can wear that dress next year! What are you going to do for year 4??? Put shorts on under her dress??? Love those side by sides, wish I would have done that.

Mary Ann said...

Such a beautiful girl! That jumper is now little! Your sweetie is blossoming with your care.

Frederick,Mackenzie,Noah,Hope said...

She looks beautiful! God Bless both of your children! You inspire so many and the children seem so happy in your care. You're one hek of a mama! xox

Jeannie & Family

Tracey and Chuck said...

Gorgeous....that is the only word I have!!!!! Can't wait to meet her and handsome Alex in (yes, I am counting) 16 months!!!!! And of course, can't wait to meet their Mama too!!! :). July, 2013 can't come soon enough!!!!