Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Updates

So it's officially February.  The longest shortest month of the year.  Usually, during February, I start to get a little stir crazy.  The cold weather tends to keep me inside more than I'd like.  This year's weather has been vastly different to say the least.  We've had next to NO snow.  Literally, as I sit here typing this on February 8th, my driveway has not yet had to be snow-plowed.  The little snow we've gotten has melted typically within 12 hours and isn't enough to really plow anyway.  

Since I have resorted to talking about the weather, you'll probably detect that there's not much to report as far as updates.  But alas, I'll do my best to entertain you for a few minutes more.  

Alex's passport arrived on wait day 9.  Not bad!  Even better was that all of the original paperwork was returned on day 11 (I knew from getting Tatiana's passport that they'd likely be returned separately).  Watch out world -- have passport, will travel!

Check out this big boy!

In other Alex news, my baby is no longer a baby!  Last fall, when Tatiana transitioned to a "big girl bed" (single bed vs. toddler bed), Alex moved from the crib to her toddler bed.  But the crib remained in his room.  This past weekend the crib was dismantled and returned to it's owner.  A little sad, yes, but if the next step can be no more diapers, I am ALL for this growing up thing.

Speaking of growing up, Tatiana is having a good year at school.   I am still debating our plans for school next year.  Each report card that comes home essentially says the same thing - and confirms what I already knew:  she's whip smart, catches on super easy, but struggles in the department of maturity.  Curses to the late fall birthdays!!  And 2.5 years in an orphanage doesn't exactly help matters in that department either.  She's reading now and amazes me each week with what she's learned.  I ADORE her teachers.  They're awesome.  

Showing mama the funny Groundhog for Groundhog's day on Starfall

 This girl loves to read -- Sunday morning surrounded by books!

We're still counting down to our big trip this spring, but in the meantime, we're planning a quick trip locally to a hotel with a pool.  Like me, I think Tatiana starts to get a little stir crazy mid-winter, so hopefully this will help clear out some of the winter blues!


Jeanette said...

My son just made the cut off for school, so we gave him an extra year of preschool. BEST THING EVER FOR HIM! I had a difficult time doing it at first since he is so tall and all his friends were going to kindergarten, but it has turned out awesome. He is a leader, confident and will have a better chance at sports (my husband's logic). I heard over and over again that no one regretted holding their child back, but they often did regret sending them on time. It's not too often that we have the opportunity to give our kids the gift of time. Good luck with the decision!

Your kiddos are too cute!!!!

Yvonne said...

Connor missed the cutoff and Elina (International adoption... for others reading) was not ready for Kindergarten upon arrival and thus opted for young 5's... but of my kids are some of the oldest in their classes but I am good with the idea that they will be 18 and 19 entering college versus 17 and a young 18. When I thought of it that way... it confirmed my decision 100%.

Jill said...

SO GLAD all your paperwork came back intact. :)

CUTE pictures of your kiddos!

Troy and Rachel said...

I worry about Daniel's maturity level also since he's a summer birthday - it's a tough decision! Glad you got the passport and will travel! Love the idea of a local hotel visit with a pool - might have to try that sometime!!!

Love the updated photos!!

Gloria said...

The kids are getting so big! Love the pictures! My birthday is in February and since we have brought the kids home we have spent my birthday weekend at a hotel with a pool or waterpark because we too get stir crazy around this time. Best birthday present I can think of. Time away with just the five of us.