Sunday, July 31, 2011

When the Livin is Easy...

We've had a busy couple weeks... so much so that I'll use this as my excuse as to why once again I am behind on updates. Yup! That works. Busy!

I LOVE summer. The weather has been divine: hot, hot and more hot. The perfect weather for days at the pool. My daughter the fish seems to have picked up my love for summer as well. She could live in the pool, so I guess that would lend itself to a passion for the heat! It's not that I don't like fall, spring and winter; I really enjoy living where we have 4 distinct seasons. I am not sure that I could have it any other way. Life without a white Christmas? I think NOT!

So other than hanging out at the pool, we've enjoyed Saturday mornings at the library for story time, grilling out and now the onslaught of fabulous fresh fruits and veggies that have started pouring into the Farmers Market. Summer life is GOOD!

July was a busy month - specifically for Alex and mama. Alex got his 2nd haircut, applied for and received his social security number, opened a bank account and got MORE vaccinations. We also took his Russian Birth Certificate and Adoption Certificate to the County Courthouse and filed a "Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth". This is Michigan's version of re-adoption, in a way. Translation: After a 15 minute court appearance with a very nice judge (the same that did Tatiana's!) on his FINAL day of work before retirement, we have the paperwork to send to the state to get his US Birth Certificate. Necessary? Not 100%... however, when you show people a Russian Birth Certificate they tend to look at you like you have 5 heads. This will make things like Little League and school registration a little easier. Additionally, if it's ever lost... I don't have to wonder how I'll get back to St. Petersburg, Russia to replace it.

The last step will be to apply for his US Passport. Does an almost 2 year old need a US Passport right now? When you live 30 minutes from Canada -- pretty much! Plus... it WILL be necessary when we go on our CRUISE next spring from Tampa to Cozumel! You read that right! Mama and the two kidlets will be cruising next spring! We're going with my friend Yvonne and her two kids, Rhonda and possibly Rhonda's daughter and ANYONE else that wants to cruise with us! We got a GREAT deal for the week after Easter (Thursday - Monday) on a Jr Suite on Carnival - who is known for their kids club. My friend Sara's daughter ranks her cruise HIGHER on the vacation scale than Disney. Seriously! So a cruising we will go!

Tomorrow is Gramma Darlin's Birthday. If you ask Tatiana, she'll tell you how old Gramma is -- because she'll ask ANYONE she meets, "how old are you?". It's her question of the past few months - replacing, "What's your name". This question came to a slow when we started discussing not talking to strangers. However, the challenge now is that she'll announce to someone, "You're a stranger". Makes for interesting conversation in the grocery line... let me tell you.

That wraps up our July. Now for the part you've been waiting for... pictures!!

Waiting to go to court for "Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth"
Tatiana came up with this outfit all by herself... we call it Cinderella Easter Bunny
Guess who is 22 months now? Yup! Alex!
Ashley, Riley & Tatiana at the Lexington, MI Harbor
When the tub is too scary... the sink might work!
Music in the Park: Ashley and Tatiana waiting for the ABBA Tribute band
Little Miss Fish - in the pool as usual!
Alex's first cake -- Gramma's birthday cake!


Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like you have had a busy summer!! You're re-adoption process sounds really simple - we have to wait forver and then it takes forver (like 2 years)here in VA! Your cruise next spring sounds wonderful!!! We'll be at Disney the week after - but I'm anxious to take Daniel cruising - I think he'll love it - you guys will have a great time!!!! Enjoyed the update!

Roger and Joanne said...

Busy is right! HOT is also right. AZ sure is the worst place to be in August.
T is growing up so fast. She still looks beautiful but more mature. Your new little man sure looks like a ball of fun! Too cute.
Reese started Kindergarten and is just loving it. Kinda grew up over night-weird. Niko is talking up a storm now. Still behind we he should be but catching up.
I gave a friend Loriens info., and she already has a referral from Vlad. Amazing! I see her this weekend and I'm sure I'll be sharing your story and how you're responsible for Roger and I getting Reese & Niko.
Enjoy the rest of summer!