Thursday, March 24, 2011



Yesterday, in a baby home in a cold city in Russia, this little man turned 18 months!  He probably had no big celebration.  No kisses and hugs from a special mama.  There was probably no cupcake purchased at the store to mark his 1/2 birthday.  No tummy tickles or zerberts to mark the passing of time. 

Does this make me sad?  Nope.  I can’t let it.  To him, it was another day.  And there will be plenty of birthdays/occasions to be shared when he gets home.  Does it make me anxious?  You bet! 

So today marks 4 weeks from leaving him.  I have been BUSY.  The office has moved; the crib is up; dressers have been purchased (waiting on delivery); Artist Tina is hard at work on some art work; clothes have been bought… but still, I am anxious to get back.  His wait will (HOPEFULLY) be nothing like Tatiana’s wait… but, still, I. AM. ANXIOUS.

The estimate was 6 weeks; 4 on the low side 8 on the high side.  My paperwork has been in for weeks.  Let’s get this show on the road!!   Either way, 1/2’s are good – and if it’s the high side, then I am 1/2 way there!  Too bad I can’t play a “1/2” in the lotto, I am sensing a theme!


dgporter said...

Amy, you are a pro at this! Through our adoption, you were so patient with me as I asked far TOO many questions. You never complained. For that, I am eternally grateful. Can't wait to 'meet' the little brother!

Todd and Jana said...

Congrats to you Amy!! I am so excited for you.

findingourdaughter said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to squeeze him in person!!! I'm so anxious right along with you!

Joy said...

I love it. Great post. Thanks for reminding me that Anna's half birthday is coming up.