Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Morning Musings from St Petersburg

It's Wednesday morning in St Pete's. We are heading out in 30 minutes to go to baby home #6 and see the Soup Monster for the last time. Before we leave, here's some general thoughts from the city.

Isn't She Lovely? St. Pete's is beautiful! I haven't had much time to go out and see the sights that I wanted to. But the architecture is amazing. I saw lots of beautiful cathedrals in Vladivostok, but here they are on every street corner! Rhonda was able to do a private tour (@ $50/hr!) yesterday and I am drooling at some of her pictures. Amazing. The history here is so rich.

Ice Ice Baby! Vanilla Ice has nothing on this town. Not only is it cold, but since it's Russia and their snow removal outside is sketchy at best. The streets are clean but the sidewalks are another story. Those of you who live in the north can attest to what happens when you don't shovel and then walk on it. Snow gets beaten down. And turns to ice. Nasty, fall on your butt ice. The ice here is 3 inches thick on the sidewalk. Or thicker. I can tell from the few cut away spots. Walking on it is taking your life into your own hands. Rhonda and I have wandered out a couple times and even when we are out with the in country team, every time there is a near miss.

More musings later. I think jet lag still has a hold of my brain. I seem to have 100 ideas, but putting them on paper (or computer screen) is another topic. Ahhh... story of my life! Finally, excuse any typos or mis-spellings. The spell check here thinks we're in Russia (oh right, we are!) so EVERY word is a mis-spelled word.


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Laura said...

What an exciting time, Amy. Just seems like all the pieces of the puzzel are fitting nicely. Hope you get some great shots of St. Pete's. We never made it there (why leave beautiful downtown Ekaterinburg during the snow/rain/mud season?) but hope to someday.

And cheers to hoping you get back SOON!!!