Monday, December 6, 2010

Thankful For This Face…

IMG 017

Two cute little turkeys:  Tatiana and her cousin, Mary IMG 011Yum!  Let’s eat!

IMG 012Tatiana and Gramma Darlin

IMG 002

Having fun on Thanksgiving…

IMG 005

    Just a small little family gathering!  

Yes, once again, I am a slightly behind in my updates.  Here’s some of our pictures from our “intimate little Thanksgiving gathering” – just me, Tati and 85 of our family members!  I love our Thanksgiving tradition.   Our gathering is my maternal grandfather’s entire family.  Since he was 1 of 7 brothers, you can understand why we need to rent a hall.

I think with literally the exception of 2 of my 40 years, I have ALWAYS attended this gathering.  I look forward to it every year!  When my cousins (and 2nd cousins, etc!) and I were little we would run around our gathering place (first a library basement and now an American Legion hall) like a bunch of wild animals.  NOW it’s our kids turn.  It’s so funny to watch. 

Tatiana had a BLAST playing with her cousins.  The timeframe was rough (we eat @ 1pm), so Miss I Love My Nap started to get a little cranky later in the day, but overall she thought the day was pretty cool. 

Enjoy your holiday season!

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