Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun with Friends

(Yes!  A post NOT about scandals in Russia and adoption!  I am trying to move on!) 

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the weather in Michigan at this time of year can be VERY unpredictable.  What am I saying?  The weather in Michigan is ALWAYS unpredictable – no matter what time of year it  is.  However, it seems like spring is even more crazy around here.  We’ve been bouncing around temperature wise from 70’s to 40’s which wreaks havoc on a wardrobe, any form of planning for events and sinuses!

Tatiana would LIVE outside if I allowed it.  When she wakes up in the morning her first question is typically “I want to go outside and play, please?”  Doesn’t sound like a question – but what you are missing here in print is her sweet inflection.  So when weather is permitting, we try to get outside for some fresh air.  


Riding her “4 wheeler” (from Aunt Rhonda); playing with her BFF:  Trip, the doggie next door IMG_2992






Last weekend was sunny but COLD.   Tatiana and I were lucky enough to get invited to spend some time with the OTHER Tatiana – aka Tia and her mama, Shannon.  We had a blast!  The two Tatianas played really well together and successfully trashed poor Shannon’s  house!   It’s so nice to have someone close that you can share stories with – and who totally understands all the issues surrounding adoptive kids and their transition.  Any other Michigan mommies want to join us next time? IMG_3003 IMG_3001


Steve and Stella said...

Beautiful pictures and both Tatiana are so beautiful. I remember when I lived n Michigan outside Detroit flurrries in May. I did not last longer than 1 year :-)

I learn one thing in that we can't change the world adn the ignorance on people on any subject... ands maybe some time I may be th eone ignorant on some subject so the best way is unfortunately to close our eyes on many comments .. we won't change them anyway and only aggrevate our self. Have great weekend!

Nancy said...

Those smiles in the last picture are priceless!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Oh my....both of the girls are absolutely gorgeous!!! Weather in Alabama is crazy too!!! Goes from 90's to 60's to rain and thunderstorms. Matt is the same and wants to be outside ALL the time!!! He was in shorts and now back to pants and long sleeves for the last few days!!! Hopefully only a few more chilly days and then the 80's will be back!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Barb said...

So sweet! Looks like the girls had a blast!

Gloria said...

The girls are beautiful! Glad they had fun together. Our two are liking there not being any snow on the ground. They too want to be outside all the time. Weather in the Chigao area changes almost hourly. One minute it is beautiful the next not so much. They say if you don't like Chicago weather, wait an hour or so and it will change again!

Great Pictures!

findingourdaughter said...

Awww, they are so cute together! What fun!

Becky and Keith said...

Such beautiful girls!!! Love the two "T's" reunion!

Troy and Rachel said...

Two T's are better than 1...or more trouble?!?! They are adorable!

Michelle said...

They are very cute!!! It's awesome they have each other!! I am also from MI and am looking forward to the great weather tomorrow...Finally=) I love following along with your blog!

Do you know if the FRUA chapter is active here?