Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I was taking some pictures this week to include in holiday cards, and I ended up getting some great shots!  My model, of course, was some what temperamental, and we took a TON of shots to get our few great ones to share in Christmas cards, etc.  This is typical for this scenario.  Mama shoots and shoots and shoots, hoping and praying that there is a couple of good ones in the batch!  Sometimes we have tears (usually Tatiana’s!  ha!) and sometimes there are meltdowns (usually mama’s! ha!), but all in all we get the pictures done.  As I was looking through the final results, I laughed as some of the great “out –take shots” that won’t be used, but were too fun NOT to share.  I posted these on face book, but it got me thinking about some of the other fun shots from 2010.  So here’s some favorite “out-takes”!

IMG_2854 Image0105

Seriously just trying to catch some shut eye here, lady – turn off the camera

IMG_3270 IMG_8455

I get this grin a lot – it’s the ham it up grin IMG 087

And sometimes we get other faces….

 Picture 750

Or no face at all – doesn’t this look painful?IMG_8882 IMG_8879

I just want my party to start already!

IMG_8364 IMG_8331 IMG_3130 IMG_3090 IMG_3007 IMG_2907

Ahhh, the grin is back… are you seeing a trend?


Just take the picture already, mama!

IMG 034 IMG 017 IMG 021

Ahhh Christmas pictures!  Such pressure!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  Have a great holiday! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing Much To Say…

It seems like November is crawling by, and yet, flying at the same time!  Is that possible? 

I neglected to post an amazing picture that doesn’t need much introduction at all, however, because I am not one to spare words, I’ll introduce it anyway!   This may not be that new if you are on facebook…

“2” was taken on my trip #1 visit, on Tatiana’s 2nd birthday, in the baby home – Artem, Russia.

“3” was taken last year during her big birthday celebration for birthday #3. 

“4” was taken during this year’s birthday celebration.  I just love watching her progression.  It’s hard to see on a daily basis – but here it’s AMAZING!


And at this time of year, you have to take the official playing in the leaves pictures!!  It’s a rite of passage for all kids! 

IMG 029 IMG 003 IMG 021

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tricks and Treats

Only took me a couple days – but here’s the long awaited Halloween photos.  This first one is for Michelle, who swears my little kitten is fake!  (haha!)  Here’s the 2nd photo in the “series” showing that she’s totally real!!  What I didn’t get a picture of is her licking the pumpkin and Tatiana complaining that “Macy’s eating my pumpkin, mama!!”

IMG 251Not the most flattering look – I was a little green around the gills

IMG 014Tatiana and Riley (Dorothy and a Pirate Girl) before Trick or Treating

IMG 001 IMG 003

Cousins:  Paige, Tati, Mia, Riley and AshleyIMG 006

Getting ready to trick or treat at Gramma Darlin’s house IMG 011 IMG 012

It was a long, but fun day – Dorothy, I mean Tatiana had tons of fun.  It was COOOOOOLLLLLLDDDD, though!  Little Miss No Body Fat was chilly.  (And so was her mama!)